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Nature Elite

optimal coverage | unbeatable protection

Our unique medium density closed cell foam offers an all-in-one insulation that protects against air, vapour and radon. Boreal Nature Elite is a superior quality product making your home resistant to exterior elements. 

Boreal Nature Elite adheres to most construction materials and can be applied to roofs, walls, foundations, under foundation slabs and more. Thanks to Boreal Nature Elite’s superior adhesion, the product increases any building’s structural strength.

CCMC # 14140-L

Boreal Nature Elite Offers:

Cost Savings

Better Comfort

Peace of Mind

Responsible Choice

  • Significant reduction of heating and airconditioning costs
  • Long-term solution without maintenance, for the lifetime of your house
  • Maximum tightness for a better energy control
  • Airtight protection against undesirable
    • Mitigation of seasonal allergies
    • Reduced presence of insects and vermins
    • Elimination of air drafts
  • Significant increase of the racking strength by up to 300%
  • Improved air quality, keeping pollutants out
  • Moisture and mildew resistant
  • Stability of insulating properties over time regardless of the climate
  • Less than 1% loss during installation for an important waste reduction
  • Optimum energy savings for efficient use of natural resources
  • Global warming potential less than 1


Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. In the open air, its concentration is minimal and poses no health hazard. However, a strong accumulation of this gas in your building may entail certain risk.

Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in Canada.

For an effective protection and better air quality, the spray foam is the solution.

  • Install under the foundation slab
  • Seal openings through the slab and foundations
  • Seal the joints between the slab and the walls

For more details, ask your insulation specialist.

Genyk is proud to offer a Canadian made, environmentally responsible product.

Exceeding the requirements of the CAN/ULC s705.1 standard, BOREAL Nature Elite foam insulation can only be applied by certified installers who receive rigorous training.






Foundation Slabs
Foundation Walls
Exterior Walls
Interior Walls
Ring Joists
Cathedral Ceilings
Most Substrates
Other applications are possible.