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High Volume

Closed-Cell, Medium Density

Efficient High Build-Up

B-5021 is a specialized solution and releases minimal heat during application, ensuring the installed material remains cool and preventing degradation. Coupled with a rapid curing time and easy application, it ensures efficiency and durability for your projects. Choose B-5021 for superior performance and streamlined application.


Premium product:

  • Releases very little heat during application (thick layers)
  • Rapid curing for minimized downtime
  • Cost effective and easy application
  • Provides a protective layer that helps retain soil particles and prevent erosion

Key Properties:

  • Density: >2.10 lb/ft3 | 33.6 kg/m3
  • Thermal Resistance: initial R 7.15/in | 1.26 RSI
Ideal for:
  • Void fill
  • Underground pipelines
  • Ditch breakers