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About us

Genyk is a Canadian spray foam and coating manufacturer based in Shawinigan. Our commitment to excellence shines through continuous improvements in sprayability, yield optimization, and consistency.

With representatives in every province, a vast distribution network, and on-site presence, we foster a true partnership through training, technical support, and personalized solutions. Combined with a focus on environmental responsibility, Genyk is the ideal choice for Canadian innovation and sustainable insulation solutions.


Providing durable, environmentally friendly, and high-performance polyurethane systems, all while prioritizing customer service.


Unlocking the full potential of polyurethane and contributing to the new era of development and growth in the field.

Genyk Benefits

Environmental Responsibility

Genyk exemplifies environmental responsibility with industry-leading recycled and renewable content. Our commitment extends to on-site rainwater capture, ensuring sustainability in construction. Choose Genyk for eco-conscious solutions that align with modern environmental standards.

Dedicated Service and Support

Experience unwavering support across Canada with Genyk. Our dedicated team provides technical assistance in various situations, ensuring seamless integration of our products into your projects. Trust Genyk for comprehensive service and support throughout the entire construction process.

Premium Product Quality

Elevate your projects with Genyk’s premium spray foam. Our products stand out with superior sprayability, consistent performance, and unmatched quality. Rely on Genyk for top-tier insulation solutions that deliver excellence and reliability in every application.

Innovation Focus

Genyk’s commitment to innovation is evident in our dedicated lab team. We continuously strive to provide cutting-edge solutions and services, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the construction industry. Partner with Genyk for forward-thinking and innovative construction solutions.

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