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Spray foam contractors

At Genyk, we take pride in delivering not only elite products but also comprehensive tools to empower and support our valued contractors in their day-to-day endeavors. We aim to be a reliable partner, ensuring that your projects thrive with the right resources and support. 

Training and Certification

Genyk ensures contractor success through a leading training model in Canada. Our flexible courses, in-class and online, equip spray foam contractors with essential knowledge for successful product installation.

To register for an upcoming classroom course, contact your regional sales representative for dates and locations:

To register for the on-line course, please request a registration package at:

Technical Documents

Genyk offers a complete library of product information, test results and certification documents. If the document you require is not here, contact your regional sales representative for assistance

Continuing Education

Genyk Polyurethane provides ongoing education for our Certified Contractors through group seminars, webinars, and a comprehensive presentation library. 


  • Genyk Air Barrier System
  • HFO – Accelerate to Zero
  • Standards, Codes, Testing and Application
  • The How, Why and Reality of Yield
  • RESIDENTIAL vs. ICI – Codes, Procedures and Expectations
  • Building Science 101

White Papers

  • A Comparison of the Environmental Impact of Mineral Wool Fibrous and Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Insulations
  • Green Plastics? A Review of Medium Density Sprayed Urethane Foam’s Contribution to Sustainable Design
  • The Differences Between a Lexus and a Camry—A Comparison of the Performance Characteristics of Medium (MDSPF) and Light Density (LDSPF) Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Insulation

General Information

  • Downloadable Generic Safety Plan
  • Urethane Foam Consultants Thickness Measuring Method
  • CAN S705.1 Material Testing Procedures
  • UFC Application Foam
  • Genyk Daily Work Record
  • Genyk Job Site Label