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Genyk offers design professionals the products, guidance and training they require to ensure a quality application. From compliance to local building codes to on-site inspections.

Genyk is committed to designing sustainable, environment-friendly polyurethane foam insulation products.

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Reference Materials

Genyk remains devoted to equipping design professionals with the documentation needed for well-informed decisions regarding the application of spray foam insulation.

Genyk documentation, including data sheets, drawings, technical bulletins, and more is available online. 

Genyk Lunch & Learn Presentations

Empower your team with our Lunch and Learn sessions. Explore topics within our expertise in spray foam insulation for a customized, informative, and collaborative learning experience tailored to your needs.

Our presentation topics include:

Gain the insight required to use spray foam in your next design…and gain valuable CEU credits.

Environmental Responsibility

Ecological Innovation

Genyk is, and will continue to be, constantly looking for innovative methods of using less energy, conserving natural resources, and promoting the use of recycled product.

Our manufacturing plant, located in Shawinigan, QC, has installed an industry-leading, industry-only, water re-capture system. The water used in some of our polyurethane products is 100% captured rainwater. In some regions, Genyk has introduced a drum return program to ensure the safe management of waste materials and the surety of recycled packaging.

Genyk is constantly challenging ourselves to be environmentally responsible – it is an enduring goal.

Genyk Position Statement

Genyk is committed to environmental responsibility. And our actions speak louder than our words. The pillars of Genyk’s commitment demonstrate our promise – locally manufactured, dedicated to sustainable products and a promise of ecological innovation.

Locally Manufactured

Genyk is proud to proclaim – Made in Canada, By Canadians, For Canadians. Not only because we strive to be a community partner; not only because we are in tune with the distinctiveness of the Canadian environment; and not only because we see the value in the economic reality of ‘buying local’ – but because the entire staff of Genyk lives where our products are manufactured and sold. We live here, we work here, and thus, we will protect our community.

Sustainable and Renewable Products

Genyk uses industry leading percentages of recycled content and plant-based ingredients in all our polyurethane products. Genyk’s spray foam products exceed typical usage of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content. Further, our use of Lavender and other plant-based ingredients exceeds 15% of our finished product – an industry leading commitment.

Genyk Air Barrier System

There is a significant difference between installing spray foam to a rain screen application and installing a CCMC certified Air Barrier System. The GENYK Air Barrier System is a comprehensive program aimed at improving the understanding, application and verification of air barrier system applications that use spray polyurethane foam (SPF). The GENYK program centres on two fundamental principles- education and verification. To become a licenced GENYK Air Barrier System Installer, an applicant must satisfactorily complete both the classroom and field training components of the program.

But the demands of the Genyk Air Barrier System do not end with certification. Certified installers must perform daily testing on membrane adhesion, spray foam adhesion and spray foam density. The daily testing must be documented, and as a level of confidence for the Design Professional, the documentation must be made available upon request. Further, all Genyk Air Barrier System applications are subject to regular manufacturer inspections. Finally, Genyk requires third-party testing by UFC based on the size of the project. Again, the test results are documented and available to the Design Professional.

Cumulatively, any installation of the Genyk Air Barrier System comes with the promise of certified installers and three levels of quality verification. Genyk is so confident in our certified Air Barrier System that each application comes with a five-year warranty.

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