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Pour-In-Place Foam
B-1028 SJ

Cost-Effective & Efficient

Transform projects seamlessly with our advanced slabjacking solution B-1028 SJ. Benefit from faster results, precise lifting control, and efficient gap-filling, offering an effective alternative to concrete replacement.


Premium Product

  • Faster compared to traditional methods
  • Precise control lifting
  • Efficient gap-filling for long-lasting performance
  • Cost effective option compared to replacing concrete

Key Properties:

  • Free rise density: 2.4 – 2.6 lb/ft3
  • Compressive Strength: 32-36 psi | 220-248 kPa

Why Spray Foam Slab-Jacking?

B-1028SJ is lightweight, minimizing the additional load on the underlying soil. This reduces the risk of further settlement and allows for more stable and long-lasting results.

Ideal for:
  • Underslab foundation
  • Sidewalk
  • Roadways
  • Driveways
  • Void fills
  • Deep injection (geotechnical)