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Specialized Foam Usage

Genyk provides specialized foam solutions for diverse industries, from mattress manufacturers to taxidermists. Renowned in these specialties, our expert chimist team tailors custom solutions for unique requirements. Committed to quality, service, and environmental responsibility, Genyk sets the standard in foam innovation.

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Discover the versatility of polyurethane foam in an array of finished products.

Garage doors

Most garage doors are insulated with polyurethane foam. Genyk’s products provide high thermal resistance and contributes unmatched structural strength to the finished product. The foam adheres perfectly to sheet metal forming a composite panel that is durable, lightweight and functional. Most importantly, the installation is a one-step process.

Sandwich panels

These panels consist of a rigid polyurethane foam core sandwiched between two external layers. Genyk’s foam provides exceptional insulating properties and lightweight characteristics, making it a popular choice for building construction, refrigeration, and more.

Recreational and aquatic products

Our polyurethane foams designed specifically for recreational and aquatic uses combine structural strength, excellent buoyancy and low density.

Buried pipes

In some situations, exterior pipes need to be insulated to prevent freezing. Our polyurethane foam injection system, is designed specifically for insulating pipes. The finished product provides superior insulative properties which lead to significant energy savings.


Moulded polyurethane foam mannequins are used in high-end retail. The mannequins, made using the polyurethane foam injection process, are practically unbreakable. They are solid and come in a variety of shapes, making them the number one choice in this market segment.


The use of high-density polyurethane foam for making moulded forms simplifies the taxidermist’s work. When used in the naturalization process, the polyurethane foam injection system makes it possible to achieve unparalleled solidity and longevity.

Mattresses and pillows

Genyk’s flexible polyurethane foam system is used for manufacturing VersaFlex and ViscoFlex mattresses and pillows. Genyk offers a full range of flexible moulded and poured foams with different density and hardness levels. Flexible polyurethane foams are suitable for any need. If you are looking for viscoelastic foams (commonly known as memory foam) with high or low resiliency, Genyk has you covered.

Polyurethane elastomer

Genyk offers a full range of elastomers. From hard (Shore D) to soft (Shore A), Genyk has the right product for the job.

Polyurethane elastomer

Genyk offers a full range of elastomers. From hard (Shore D) to soft (Shore A), Genyk has the right product for the job.

Polyurethane foams possess a range of high efficiency properties that are perfectly suited for the manufacture of items such as:


  • Comfort foam to prevent bed sores
  • Wheelchair seats
  • Positioners for operating rooms


  • Sofas
  • Office-chair upholstery


  • Steering wheels
  • Headrests
  • Dashboards
  • Seats
  • Armrests
  • Floor mats
  • Shock absorbers


  • Surf boards
  • Paddle boards
  • Life buoys
  • Sandwich panels
  • In-ground pool insulation

You have a special project?