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All-in-one insulation
Air + vapour barrier and radon protection

Closed-cell, medium density HFO blown spray foam

First and foremost, Elite 2.0 is developed with the applicator in mind. Our experience leads us in offering a spray foam that meets your needs with its excellent sprayability, significant yield and superior adhesion.


Safety Data Sheet

Dedicated support

On-demand technical resources

Knowledgeable service

Constant innovation

Product tested under rigorous quality control

Science team with more than 75 years of combined experience

Superior Efficiency

Excellent sprayability

Significant yield

Top adhesion

Certified Quality

Tested and certified by ICC-ES #ESR-5150

Fire protection:

  • Appendix X
  • NFPA 286

Tutorials - Tips & Advice

Density Test Tutorial

Dialing Foam - Temp. Comparison

Why is closed-cell spray foam a good investment?

Cost Savings

  • Significant reduction of heating and air-conditioning costs 
  • Durable product that does not sag, settle or shrink
  • Maintenance-free solution
  • Air tightness minimizes energy consumption

Better Comfort

  • Airtight protection against undesirable
    • Mitigation of seasonal allergies
    • Reduced presence of insects and vermins
    • Elimination of air drafts

Peace of Mind

  • Significant increase of the racking strength by up to 300%
  • Improved air quality, keeping pollutants out
  • Moisture and mildew resistant
  • Stability of insulating properties over time regardless of the climate

Responsible Choice

  • Zero VOC emissions
  • Reduced energy consumption
    for an efficient use of natural resources
  • Global warming potential less than 
  • Use of recycled and renewable ingredients, including facility captured rainwater


Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. In the open air, its concentration is minimal and poses no health hazard. However, a strong accumulation of this gas in your building may entail certain risk. Radon is the cause of 20,000 lung cancers each year in the United States, the second source of this cancer after the cigarette*.

For an effective protection and better air quality, the spray foam is the solution.

  • Install under the foundation slab
  • Seal openings through the slab and foundations
  • Seal the joints between the slab and the walls

For more details, ask your insulation specialist.

* Source: American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)