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Property owners

Homeowners desire a home that is comfortable, eco-friendly and energy efficient. Historically, fiberglass batts provided a solution. However, the times have changed. House insulation has evolved. Spray polyurethane foam is the most effecient insulation for house on the market. Using GENYK ‘Boreal Nature’ spray polyurethane foam will provide the comfort you desire and provide superior energy efficiency. AND – ‘Boreal Nature’ is a certified eco-friendly product.

Here are a few benefits of Genyk ‘Boreal Nature’ spray foam for house insulation


Closed-cell and open-cell polyurethane spray foam insulation provides unparalleled thermal resistance. The products use less space than conventional insulations and prevent drafts, condensation and gas infiltration.

100% Canadian owned
Locally Made
15% Plant-Based Ingredients

Indoor air quality:

The Boreal Nature Elite system provides a protective layer against drafts, condensation, gas and allergen infiltration by sealing cracks and gaps. Spray foam does not promote mould and mildew growth. Further, the product is not attractive to rodents.

Thermal resistance:

Closed-cell spray foam insulation provides superior thermal resistance compared with conventional insulation of the same thickness.

Air and vapour barrier:

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is resistant to air and moisture infiltration. The product is recognized as a flood-resistant material by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the United States.

Radon gas:

Boreal Nature foam insulation is certified as an effective barrier against radon gas infiltration. Whether applied alone or as part of a radon abatement system, closed-cell spray foam prevents the infiltration of radon gas.

Sound attenuation:

Floraseal 50 polyurethane foam is an open-cell insulation that bonds to structural elements while remaining flexible. Floraseal 50 seals hard to reach areas where sound and noise originate. Thus, Floraseal 50 significantly reduces the transmission of sound and vibration-related noise.

Environmental innovation:

Genyk is an environmentally responsible manufacturer. Our latest contribution to industry responsibility is the installation of a rainwater collection system at the company’s Shawinigan manufacturing facility. The collected water is used in the production of Floraseal 50, and other foam systems. All Genyk products are plant-based, VOC-free, do not harm the ozone layer ,and have a global warming potential of less than 1.

Awards & certifications:

Genyk products exceed LEED standards for post-consumer and post-industrial recycled material. Certified Greenguard Gold.