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Outstanding sound attenuation properties

Open-cell, light density, water blown spray foam

Coming Soon: Elite 0.5 is currently going through rigorous testing and will soon be available in the USA. If you wish to be notified of the availability of Elite 0.5, please let us know by clicking on the button below.


why is open-cell spray foam a good investment?

Cost Savings

  • Significant reduction of heating and airconditioning costs
  • Long-term solution without maintenance, for the lifetime of your house
  • Maximum tightness for a better energy control

Better Comfort

  • Excellent sound control
  • Airtight protection against undesirable
    • Mitigation of seasonal allergies
    • Reduced presence of insects and vermins
    • Elimination of air drafts

Peace of Mind

  • Improved air quality, keeping pollutants out
  • Moisture and mildew resistant
  • Stability of insulating properties over time regardless of the climate

Responsible Choice

  • Zero VOC emissions
  • Reduced energy consumption for an efficient use of natural resources
  • Global warming potential less than 1
  • Use of recycled and renewable ingredients, including facility captured rainwater