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Frequently Asked Questions

Boreal Nature Elite spray polyurethane foam is unique. The product has superior thermal resistance and is an integral air/vapour barrier. Spray foam adds structural support and improves ranking strength by 29%. Further, Boreal Nature Elite is a tested Radon barrier. The product adheres to most construction materials and is perfect for in-situ problem areas.

All that and it is environmentally friendly. Boreal Nature Elite contains a high proportion of renewable and recyclable raw materials. It does not contain any ozone-depleting components.

Spray polyurethane foam stands ahead of other insulation products. Medium-density spray foam has very high thermal resistance (R-value). The product resists moisture infiltration. And, spray foam is an excellent air barrier material.

Spray polyurethane foam adheres to most construction materials. Both medium and light density foam products are commonly sprayed to steel, wood, concrete and gypsum sheathing.

Yes, it is possible to insulate an existing building. For more information, contact one of our Building Science Specialists.

Boreal Nature Elite polyurethane foam needs to be applied at a temperature above -10 °C.

Contact us and we will direct you to the nearest certified applicator.

Boreal Nature Elite polyurethane foam will stay in place for the lifetime of the building. Moisture, wind and typical mechanical forces will not impair the performance of polyurethane foam.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It is created by the disintegration of uranium in the ground, rocks and water. Radon is an odourless and colourless gas that moves freely through the ground. Ease of movement allows Radon to infiltrate buildings, especially basement areas. In the open air, the amount of radon gas is dispersed and does not pose a health risk. However, when Radon is present in a confined area, like a basement, depending on the amount, significant health risks can arise. According to Health Canada, Radon is the second cause of lung cancer. A building insulated with Boreal Nature Elite reduces radon gas infiltration to acceptable levels.

Unlike other insulating products, BOREAL Nature Elite polyurethane foam does not need to be removed after a flood. In most cases, it stays intact. Further, once dry, polyurethane foam retains the physical properties it had before the water infiltration.

Spray polyurethane foam is an effective insulation. Depending on your geographical area, grants and tax credits are available.